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When ordering your stainless steel coil, you can choose to order edged stainless steel coil. Material that is not edged has the standard No 3 “slit edge” which is sometimes abbreviated SE on orders. The quality of the slit edge depends on the way the material was cut or slit. Our standard slit edge is sufficient for most applications. There is a slight burr along the edges with all slit edge stainless steel coil.

stainless steel edging options

Edging Option #1

Some applications need the burr removed or need the additional mechanical straightening (see Custom Decambering) that naturally occurs when material is run through an edger which works by rolling the edges. This kind of edge goes by several names:

  • #5 edge
  • Modified #4 edge
  • Safety edge
  • Deburred edge

We have the ability to perform this kind of edging on most stainless steel coils up to 5” wide.

Edging Option #2

For applications such as conveyor belts or other exposed edge parts, sometimes a specially shaped edge is desired. Our Oscillate Winding equipment is in-line with a skiver. Our skiving equipment produces a round or special edge by cutting the edges with carbide cutting tools. The most common edge we produce on this equipment is a No 1 Round edge. For details on the capabilities of this equipment see Oscillate Winding.

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